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On July 4, 2006, five conservative grassroots Republican activists met in the Mansfield home of Sherri Heinzman. They noted the lack of a vibrant Republican Club that would appeal to the Conservative Grassroots Republicans in Southeast Tarrant County. They sought a forum for advocating the views of conservatives and for the Republican Party.


Thus was born the Southeast Republican Club (SERC). By August 9, 2006, the board of directors, bylaws, and the necessary papers were completed and ready to file with the Secretary of State office. The Club’s Charter states: “SERC was created to Unite, Inform, Educate, and Mobilize the Republican Conservative Grassroots." The club continues to remain faithful to this charter. In 2008 the board came up with the motto: "PRESERVING LIBERTY THROUGH FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SOCIAL SANITY." 

The club began with the founding board:

  • President – Sherri Heinzman

  • Vice President – Kyleen Wright

  • Vice President – Mike Wixom

  • Secretary – Hon. Greg Kunasek

  • Treasurer – Hon. Tom Corbin

The first public club activity was a meeting with then-Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams (former Republican Party of Texas Chairman), on the topic of America’s National Security. This auspicious debut was attended by the leading activists and office-holders of the day and was well-publicized. The local paper, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, reported this event and has covered several others since. Our club president, Sherri Heinzman, were featured on the front page of the Mansfield News Mirror in its first year as well. In the following years, the club has hosted or co-hosted numerous events such as:

  • Co-hosted a reception with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

  • Co-hosted a reception with Texas House Speaker Joe Straus

  • Co-hosted a reception with former Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick

  • Hosted former Secretary of State Roger Williams

  • Hosted State Senator Chris Harris

  • Hosted former State Senator Kim Brimer

  • Hosted State Representative Diane Patrick

  • Hosted State Representative Kelly Hancock

  • Hosted former Tarrant County Commissioner Marti VanRavenswaay

  • Co-hosted former RPT Chairman Tom Pauken

  • Hosted several candidate forums

  • Hosted phone banks for Republican candidates in general election races


Fulfilling the mandate to educate, SERC has hosted numerous speakers:

  • O.K. Carter, history of Tarrant County (2009)

  • Jeremy Schwab, Campus Carry Laws (2009)

  • James Dark, President of the Texas Rifle Association, 2nd Amendment rights (2008)

  • Rev. Dwight McKissic, Why I’m a Republican (2007)

  • Jerry Ward, Futile Care Law (2007)

  • Ret. Lt. Col. Christopher Hatley, border defense (2009)

  • Adryanna Boyne, president, VOCES on Immigration (2009)

  • Many other local speakers


SERC has also hosted numerous other events such as:

  • Annual candidate forums for city, county, and state candidates in the Republican Party

  • Youth pro-life speech contest (with cash prize) (2007)

  • Youth patriot speech contest (with cash prize) (2008)

  • Recognition of area police and firefighters (9-11-2008)

  • Recognition of our military forces

  • Community outreach for the Republican Platform

  • Many parties attended by elected officials and candidates

Then State Representative Diane Patrick (TX-94) awarded SERC with the honor of a resolution from the State of Texas for: “The SERC’s outstanding grassroots organizing and its leadership efforts within the Republican Party to promote, educate, and support the candidates of the Republican Party.” We are honored to be recognized and will work to continue to fulfill this resolution.

As the Club looks forward to continue advancing its mission in our local communities, it proudly and eagerly accepts the challenge of helping to reinvigorate the GOP and bringing more conservative, talented, and dedicated professionals into the organization. SERC is positioned to be at the forefront of many campaigns, fulfilling its mission of “uniting, informing, educating, and motivating the Conservative Grassroots Republicans in SE Tarrant County.”

Join us on the second Tuesday of each month at Spring Creek BBQ in Mansfield, Texas. We have meet and greet at 6:30 pm. The Meeting starts at 7:00 PM - join us for networking and grab a bite to eat.


Everyone is welcome! For more information, please contact us at: 817-992-8329 (cell).


Are you looking to get involved in the Republican Party? 

Join us and make a difference in SE Tarrant County today!

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